Useful Links


Excellent website for news on the latest films, and film related news. It always has interviews and stories about film-makers before anyone else.


I’ve mentioned previously that Darren Aronofsky is one of my favourite film directors. This is his blog, where he shares his thoughts about the process of making his latest upcoming film the ‘Black Swan’


HBO are the best in programming coverage. Everything they do, and everything they produce seems to be excellent. From sports programmes like 24/7 and boxing shows. To brilliant drama like THE WIRE and IN TREATMENT. They have a documentary section, which is quite useful.


columns about screenwriting from Terry Rosario, and Ted Elliot. Highly recommended as they are a great read.

I use this website to find out information about cast and crew involved in films. It’s good as its an international database, and often can be useful if you want to know specific information. It also lists forthcoming projects of the artists, and has information on previous projects as well.

If ever I want to read a script, I’ll often use this website. It’s a good resource, and is updated quite regularly with the latest screenplays. Unfortunately it’s quite restricted as it only covers Hollywood cinema

Empire also have a magazine which, contains the usual latest news and reviews. Also has a some good interviews with film-makers and actors, one of the best film magazines in my opinion.

This is also another magazine which I really like, it is imported to UK shops from the US. Borders used to sell it, and after their demise I haven’t been able to get a hold of it. The magazine is extremely helpful and always has interviews with the best writers and directors. It has film reviews too, but analyses the scripts in a lot more detail than most film magazines.

Robert McKee’s renown STORY seminar is one of the best if you want to learn screenwriting. On his website he has a list of resources, his teaching programme and dates for his upcoming seminars. He usually attends the UK in December. He’s now doing a genre day, so if there’s a particular genre you like writing in, then you can just attend that day. It’s a lot cheaper as well. As I’ve been regularly, I get a discount 🙂

Useful website that shows you how to write treatments, and has some good examples too.

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