I will use this page to list books that I have read, along with recommended books for those of you that are producing a documentary or feature film:


This is an excellent book to read, and it’s available in the 3rd floor of the library. It’s written with an easy writing style, and has detailed information and advice on all areas of production. I found it most useful in the sections where it discussed filming, and lighting. Has loads of useful information about distribution and funding. It also has a CD that contains a lot of useful documents that you can use as a template, like clearance forms, agreement contracts, risk assessments production checklists. It was very useful to me through many of the production modules.


I came across this book at the beginning of the MA, and it’s extremely helpful. It has a brief history of documentary, and detailed analysis of each stage of production. It has useful tips, as well as interviews with respected film-makers.

STORY by Robert McKee

This book has been a constant manual for me, and I’ve probably mentioned in almost all of my blogs. My story writing skills have been developed over the years, and this book was a major factor in assisting me.

If no one has read this book, then I urge them to do so. It’s one of those books which always has new insights every time you re-read it.

Although the book is more for screenwriters, with it’s main examples from Films. It’s been used by playwrights, television writers, novelists, and also documentary film-making. This is because it emphasizes that the story, above all else should be of the utmost importance in whatever the medium.

NEW DOCUMENTARY by Stella Bruzzi

I used Stella Bruzzi’s book is an excellent critique of documentary, and highlights some of the new trends today. Her book gained a lot of notoriety as it criticized Bill Nichols, a book which states the different modes of documentary.

I didn’t necessarily agree with all of her criticisms, but nevertheless it’s a must read book for all aspiring documentary film-makers.

It’s not a book which contains practical knowledge, like the others that I have mentioned. However, It’s more about the theories of documentary and details history, and analyses the arguments that exist within the medium.

Below is a link to my post on another blog, where I provided a review of this book, along with analyzing some of the criticisms:


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