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Future suggestions

I have still yet to wrap up production. I should be finished by Saturday. So this gives me a chance to catch up on some blog work. It’s been difficult to maintain the blog with the workload of the project.

It has been a major task finding replacement characters, but it’s given me an opportunity to try something a little different with a character narrating a their experiences.

For over the past two weeks, I kept telling myself “these things always do happen in production”. I would just to have to find a way to deal with everything. However, this mentality wasn’t ever going to give me a learning experience.

What did I do that contributed to these characters not taking part? How can I avoid this next time?

–       Firstly, I had approached both of the characters through other people. I didn’t approach them directly. I was assured through people that knew them that it would be fine, and they would be willing to speak.

–       However, when I approached them by myself, and they realised the scope of the project, they backed down.

I should have approached them directly, and built a rapport with them.  This would have allowed them to be comfortable with me. There has to be a level of trust there between the filmmaker and the interviewee. I had neglected this but I’ll be sure to do this next time.

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