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First day of filming

Today I have completed some filming. The character wanted to remain anonymous, so I’m just going to refer to him as Mr. H Singh. Due to fear of being falsely implicated, and fear for family safety, he also didn’t want to show his face. He explained to me that during 1984, the aftermath led to people being randomly arrested and harassed by the police.

To complete the filming I had previous experience, from filming a character who wanted to be anonymous. This was during Wedlock, where me and my co-producer heavily lit the background, which created the shadow effect.

I had already prepared the questions, which appear in the blog. The main cause for Mr Singh being included in the documentary, was because he was closely associated to Bhai Fauja Singh (leader of silent protest against the Nirankaris) and the tragic events of 1978. The filming went well, and I had just taken into account so many things that I’ve learned on productions. Things like always making eye contact, and making sure there will be no external noises, or disturbances. I kept the questions on my iPhone, rather than ruffling through papers, which can become irritable.

One occurrence that I wasn’t prepared for was the chairs that we were sitting on. They kept squeaking, when my character would move around. I had to adjust the tie mic towards the beginning of the production as  the character kept moving it whilst talking. But this was only a minor issue, and I solved it quickly.

These are some of the images of Bhai Fauja Singh, who had adopted Mr Singh, along with many other children.

Bhai Fauja Singh preaching

Pictured here with some Western Sikhs in the background

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