These are usually selling documents, which try convince studios to invest in your film. However, I’m against the studio structure of financing a film, and pitching your idea. Try to encapsulate your idea into a business type of product.

Also I don’t have to convince any studios to finance my documentary so I’m not going to do this.

However, that is not totally to neglect it. The document can be useful, as it requires you to ask yourself questions about your film.

The template I have used:

documentary proposal



Here is some production documentation that I have analysed over the past few weeks. I will be using this for my documentary, and will submit this with my report.



These are location release forms that I will need for my shots within a Sikh Temples.


Before the shooting of any characters, I will get each individual to sign this form. This perhaps one of the most essential things, as sometimes people do try to interfere with your production. Or some have second thoughts about doing the project. So it’s always best to get this form signed.


This was just useful to read, as I was preparing myself for the shoot


I found this list of contacts in the Raindance book, which I have suggested for reading to everyone serious about production. It’s an excellent book. After my documentary is complete, I’ll send it to the following companies to see whether they’ll be interested in it.


These are some useful links that can be helpful throughout production. The film festival and publicity links are the ones that i am interested in.


I came across Gannt charts in my under-graduate degree, which was Multimedia. They do give you a rough understanding of the timescales for each task, however, you really can’t be prepared for what’s to come. Sometimes there are tasks in production that are finished quicker than you anticipated, and then you might end up with your characters pulling out. (Like in my case) You tend to put a few extra days just to cover yourself, but like I said you can’t always expect to go according to schedule. Nevertheless, it does let you take the workload into account, so you can be finished well before the deadline.

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