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I’ve found this past week really difficult. Two of my main characters have refused to talk about the 1984 events.

Gursharan Singh, who was present in the temple during the 1984 attacks was going to be the core of my documentary. However, he is afraid of speaking about the subject. Even if I darken out the screen, and don’t include his name. He still doesn’t want to be mentioned.

He had initially agreed. I feel he thinks that he’ll be wrongfully implicated or he maybe associated with Bhindranwale, which he is fearful of. During that time, a lot of innocent people were held in police custody, some tortured, and others even killed. India is not a place where they have human rights.

I’ve further been disappointed by an elderly lady, Charan Kaur who was to speak about her son, who was killed during 1984. I had even confirmed 17th August as the filming day. I saw her this past Friday just to confirm everything, but she broke down in tears and decided that she didn’t want to do it.

She was emotionally distraught, and even though I wanted to desperately wanted her to be in my film, I wasn’t able to. Her daughter in-law tried to convince her, but she was too distraught.

I think it would have been the first time, she would have talked about her son. All these years, and she’s never opened up about it. I think she came to realize that period again, and wasn’t able to open up to it.

My initial thoughts before taking on this project, were that I shouldn’t be making it here. I should be in india, and that’s where it happened. Those people would openly talk about it. I felt that there was a story to tell here, of people who were quite vocal about their frustrations. However, looks like they were just not ready to speak about it.

This leaves me in a catastrophic situation. But I’ve done my fair bit of sobbing, being a media producer, you have to find ways of manoeuvring around these obstacles. So I’ll find someone else, who I approached a while back.

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