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Important Questions

What is the shooting style of the film – as a film-maker I’m still trying to find my own style. I think this is something that is constantly changes as you mature as a film-maker. What I aim to do is find images, or shots that I think will try and speak.

For example, when I shot ‘From London to Helmdon’ I enjoyed shooting the village, as the empty benches, and open landscapes as I felt these images would depict a lot about the village. And towards the end of the documentary, I included a shot of some tea being poured into a cup. This image was key, because it translated my character’s happiness in her environment.

So some of the images I’m thinking of is focusing on are:

*) Newspaper cuttings – I don’t want to focus too much on these images, but I think they can be effective when correctly used. Especially the headlines.

*) Photographs – Other than photographs of the event, I’m going to try and use counter images. What I mean by this is showing an image of happiness, or family life of the characters can be an effective emotional tool. I’ve seen this used by many film-makers like Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (in Babel with the two children playing on the mountain at the end, when one of the brother’s has already died). And also by Paul Thomas Anderson in There Will Be Blood. There’s a scene in the end where the relationship between father and son has been broken. To counter that emotion, there’s a beautiful scene where they show a happy moment between the two of them.

I’m planning on doing this as well, but the timing of it will have to occur at the right time.

*) Temple – there are many things around a normal Sikh temple, that I’m planning on filming. Such as the Sikh Flag, the singing of prayers and the Sikh emblem.

*) Experimental – In my experimental module I came across Bill Viola, who was such a brilliant visual artist, and I’ve been inspired by some of his work.

I’m thinking of projecting an image of the Golden temple onto some water. And then to use sound of radio reports, and perhaps change the colour to change the moods.

DURATION – I am trying to aim for 10 minutes. This is because, I feel that I am mature enough to handle the extra duration. Although some people feel that the longer the duration, the more difficult it is to engage the audience. However, I have strong narrative skills and believe that I can manage this well.

CONTENT & AUDIO – I’m only concentrating on a small area with the events of 1984. It’s more of a backdrop. The political story is too wide for me to cover, and I’m not mature enough as a film-maker to cover all of that.

The character stories is what I’m more interested in. To see how these characters dealt with that event, and especially as some of them are emotionally scarred by the event.

I’m not going to spend the entire duration focusing on the negative, I want to explore both how it may have brought something positive to their lives ie. Baptism.

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